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a vamps blood

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a vamps blood

Post by brigette on Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:34 pm

ok we don't know how to find the real blood of vamps right or u can say a V-blood..!
we love to have it..
and for a vampire maniac like me i love to have one and being a vampire is awesome right wanna know more about real vamps click it

many of people are addicted with vamps looking...
vampire is a human blood sucker..
and for sure they have fangs!

there's still vampires alive..?

There are many origins, descriptions and powers of vampires and they existence is said to go back centuries. One of the most popular is that they are the dead but continue to be amongst the living, they have fangs, drink blood in order to stay alive, they fear death, dislike sunlight, they are able to shape shift, they sleep during the day usually in a coffin and they strive for immortality. This has been more enforced because of the way that they have been perceived in books and films. There are supposing different reasons and ways to become a vampire for e.g. receiving a curse, a pregnant woman being stared at by a vampire, committing suicide, leading an immoral life (like being a prostitute) and the most popular being bitten by a vampire.
Ways of trying to prevent a vampire coming near you is to place garlic around all entrances and windows of the property you are in and also by putting some around your neck, sprinkling holy water around and the constant ringing of bells is meant to keep them away. The most well known way to kill a vampire is to stab them with a wooden stake through the heart. It is really up to the individual to decide whether you think they really exist or not. But even today people still say that they are vampires.

here the things Smile

I have some words of advice that you all would be wise to heed if you plan upon engaging in certain activities (which if you are a vampire, you do). Unless you have got a death wish, or you just don't care, you should consider what I have to say. Cover your butt and you'll stay out of all kinds of trouble. Actually, this advice should be heeded by anyone who is planning upon indulging in bloodletting.

1. Make sure your sources (read: "donors," "prey," "victims," whatever...) are "consenting adults";
2. Make them get tests done before you do anything, people! Don't ever think "It" can't happen to you;
3. Have them, not you, do the honors, if at all possible; it is technically an act of assault and battery, I believe. Or have them sign some form of consent; it may not help much if they go rogue on you, but at least you will have something in your defence indicating that you did not attack them;
4. Be as sanitary as possible;
5. Study Gray's Anatomy. It's got lots and lots of useful color diagrams of the human anatomy. This way, you won't end up maiming or possibly killing somebody because the veins, arteries, tendons, muscles, etc., weren't quite where you thought they would be;
6. Do not ever take somebody against his or her will, or if s/he seems even the slightest bit unsure as to whether s/he really wants to go through with it (refer to # 3);
7. Trust what your intuition is telling you, but don't necessarily rely on it blindly.

If you follow this advice -- trust me, you'll rest easier, remain free, and live a lot longer and healthier existence (which is the point of it all, anyway). Do it!

people say that if once u are vampire u can't being a human again who said no prove...!
here the thing vampire can being human again if Retrieve their soul....!! XD

is any human become a vampire through genetics..?

That would be soo awesome !
But i don't think it would really work that well..
There would probably be some big birth defects.
Who knows ! It may be possible one day.

enjoy!!!!! Smile

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Re: a vamps blood

Post by andrewsowhat on Sat Oct 17, 2009 1:26 pm

Tak jelas afro

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Re: a vamps blood

Post by brigette on Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:34 pm

@ andrew suka2 aku lha yang penting ithu kan tugas ku ngisi the creepy cih~

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Re: a vamps blood

Post by Sponsored content

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