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talk of the world about world records (post yang ini bahasa inggris yo!) gak di co, paste kok asli cuman pusing aj kalo indo thu kadang rada gak nyambung :)

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kamu lebih suka ular atho kodok..?

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talk of the world about world records (post yang ini bahasa inggris yo!) gak di co, paste kok asli cuman pusing aj kalo indo thu kadang rada gak nyambung :)

Post by brigette on Sun Sep 13, 2009 4:42 pm

Hey ladies and gentlemen ..
skarang aku mau ngomongin tentang talk of the world nie tapi the world records Smile bout animal hoho..
ok here i go..

World's MOST DEADLY amphibian is POISON DART FROG:
poison dart frogs are found mostly di daerah yang tropical rain foredt of central and south america , dmana mereka tinggal di moist land, these lethal amphibians have enough poison to kill UP TO 20 HUMAN damn Shocked ..
geez mati ajha thu kodok -.- huh~ .. so guys careful yah..!
ok back to the topic, A dart frogs poison is so effective that native central and south americans sometimes coat their hunting arrows or hunting darts with it. kodok ini ciri-cirinya thu yha warna kulitnya ithu terang jadi warnanya mencolok Cool silau boo... lol! and warnanya bisa kuning, 5cm) .
there are approximately 75 diff species of poison of dart frogs Exclamation Shocked
so scary better careful..

ok next is longest fangs ( wow fangs i like fangs ) well the longest animal that have the longest fangs is GABOEN VIPER :

the fangs of this animal measure 2 inches (5cm) wew~ panjang yha teens? these giant fangs old up against the snake mouth so it does not pierce its own ( yha pastinya lha) slin.
when this snake ready to prey . the fangs snap down into position.
THE snake can grow up to 7m wew how long is that guys,..? Rolling Eyes
with weight 8KG DAMN IS SO HEAVY ISN't It..?
this snake is really aggresive however, and usually only attacks when bothered
so teman-temanku (teenagers) jangan coba2 isenk ganggu GABOON VIPER snake u try u die guys!
so hati-hati tapi bukan berati aku bilang hanya gak boleh ganggu nie ular DOANG ular lain juga jangan ntar kena gigit abis ithu racunnya bereaksi di kita bisa bahaya lo Exclamation
so don't try that at every types or species of snake drunken

ok ..? Smile

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