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is vampire really exist..?

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is vampire really exist..?

Post by brigette on Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:00 pm

now we as a teenager most of u dreams being a vamps..??
am i right guys..???
ok let's see ...
Smile) is vamps really exist if exist will them feed us and make us a vamps???
in the context of the definition no.. vampire is a blood drinking undead.
however... there have been cases of humans drinking blood and killing for blood

elizabeth bathory a hungarian countess killed and drank over 600 virgin womens blood to stay young

in 18 th century in england there is documented a man who was hung and didnt completely die and came back to the village he was from
in 17 th century .. a true story freaked people out..... a solider was dinign with a family when a strange man came to door sat down and ate with the family... while the family looked on in fear and didnt talk.. the family and the soldier all but the head of the hosuehold went to bed. next morning.. the man was found deadand pale white skin.. with the stranger who came to dinner gone... and the women said.. the stranger was the man's father who had died awhile ago.... and when they dug up his grave they foudn fresh blood on his face....

in some anceint cultures... blood was always known as a life force and in soem rituals was drinking by priests...

in the ealry american west a man's indian wife was killed by the crowe and the man went on a killign spree and ate the livers of the crowe indians he killed...

and before modern aptopsies.. u really couldn't tell if a man was dead or not. medicine wasnt advanced enough and hanging, and some punishements were actually very ineffiecient( its said that it tooka few tried to fully behead a human... gross huh?) and there are diseases where the body goes into a comatose state to wake up... in coffins . in victorian times people would be buried with a string on toes with bells attached so a gaurd who romaed the grounds could hear... the fear of being buried alive was VERY real and vampires WERE VERY REAL to them.in fact many cases of failed exectutions and people seeing supposed dead people were documented alot during time... remember till birth of modern medicine u coudl be buried alive. and in stories from the travelors to the new world comign back to europe told of bats who drank blood( there are species of bats who do drink blood of animals not humans) where the idea of bats as vampires came from. the modern day aspect of vampires descends from vlad the impaler a romanian king who used brutal means to keep the ottomans from taking it.

so this question is all relative.... yes and no... even in modern times there have been murder cases of people killign and drinking thier victims blood... and in anceint times some cultures drank animal blood.. even today we have blood sausage... blood is used in some cooking.... all animal blood mind u.. but still not a far step.

emhh.. i take thhat as a yes ..! Smile)
hehehehe... Wink
yyeah ii'm one of the vamps maniac guys...~!!!

yeah i got the URL of how to becoming a real vamps


(1) The 'best' way is to search the message-boards and chatrooms for anyone who claims to be, or have been, a 'mentor'. These are vampires who claim to have turned a person already, or who are willing to attempt a turning. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE - I can't stress that enough. Many are not the kinds of people you want to know, and may just be toying with you for their own personal amusement, or for some darker reason. If you find a mentor, do a little research into his or her background, talk to him, talk to people who have had dealings with him. Make ABSOLUTELY sure that you are in no danger from this person. And NEVER, unless it is of vital importance, give away your address, credit card number, telephone number or anything that would allow him to trace you to your home. I know it sounds paranoid, but beleive me it might save you ...

(2) A few vampires claim to have been turned by consuming large (perhaps a cupful) amounts of blood. This may, however, merely be an addiction to the blood itself - Much the same way as many become addicted to dairy products. There is more to being a vampire than just drinking blood.

(3) Some vampires cliam that they were turned into a psi-vamp after being drained almost dry of energy by another psi-vamp. This may in fact be true - When your body's energy is low, it will automatically start looking for sources of energy to supplement it. One of the most powerful sources of energy comes from humans - Especially passionate or emotional humans. Once your body starts draining other people's energy, it may find it hard to stop, or you may find that you become addicted to it. It was once described to me as 'the man-eating-tiger scenario' - A tiger will feed from its natural prey (In the body's case this would be energy generated wthin you) until it is starving, and its natural prey is either so meagre it cannot support the tiger, or the prey vanishes completely (In the body's case, this is when your energy has been drained so low that the body cannot subsist on it). At this point the tiger turns to anything that it could feed on - Humans if they are nearby (Same with the body - It turns to the nearest form of 'sustenance'). However, once the tiger tastes human flesh, and realises how easy they are to kill, it begins to feed primarly, if not exclusively, upon human. (Almost identical to the body - Humans are an easy, bountiful source of energy).
Theoretically, the same could hold true for blood-drinkers ... If your blood was drained, as well as your prana (Some blood-drinkers drain energy at the same time as they drink blood) then the body might insist that you drink another's blood to provide yourself with the necessary energy. As I said - Theoretically possible, but not very plausible.

yyeap that was true....
u can try it if u want..!

thhat's it..!!!!

ADIOS!!! Smile)


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